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We inspire, plan, guide with nutrition, create personal recipes, keep diets, assist with cooking, entertain and shop for you.

Imagine a world where you would not have to spend years of your life on deciding what to eat, search for recipes, compare prices, research nutritional information and health benefits, follow diets and do grocery shopping. Imagine we solved this complex problem on your behalf - and got it right every time. We are currently operating a meal-kit business that helps our customers skip the hassle of meal-planning and grocery shopping. We are expanding the meal-kit service to markets where this service does not yet exist.

yummy is on a global mission
to solve food for good
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We want to enable people to eat well and be well, every day;
while decreasing food waste significantly around the Earth.

Our story

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Yummy began its life in Finland with the Ruokaboksi brand in 2017 and started operating in Estonia under the Clean Kitchen brand in 2020. After having established itself as a meal-kit market monopoly in both countries Yummy is now looking to conquer new emerging markets.

The aim of Yummy is to help customers save money and time on meal planning and groceries. Yummy's brands have grown explosively and we’re currently expanding the service to markets where meal-kits are not yet available - with Poland as the next stepping stone.

However, this is barely scratching the surface. Our benefits include:

- 80% of customers feel healthier using our services
- Simplified meal prep fosters family bonding and connection
- 80% of Customers Reduce food Waste due to our portioned ingredients
- We have a lower carbon footprint

Eating a healthy, tasty and a varied personalised diet on an individual budget, without having to spend a massive amount of time on food and ingredient research, grocery shopping and with no food waste used to be impossible.

Not any more!

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